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Noco G26000 UltraSage® Smart Battery Charger™

26 Amp Battery Charger with JumpCharge

The Noco G26000 is a portable automatic battery charger and maintainer for both 12 V and 24 V lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries. Designed for charging a Car, Boat, RV, SUV, or Diesel Truck, as well as racing vehicles. It monitors battery activity for safe and efficient charging without any overcharge and complete with a built-in battery desulfator to rejuvenate under-performing and sulfated batteries. And comes equipped with an integrated JumpCharge mode for rapid charging in a five minute cycle to start dead batteries. A 12 V and 24 V automatic battery charger and maintainer. Charges lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries up to 500 amp-hours. Recovers deeply discharged batteries down to 2-volts. Spark-proof technology and reverse polarity protection. Built-in battery desulfator to recover worn-out batteries. Safely monitors battery activity with zero overcharge. Advanced diagnostics indication for damaged batteries. Progressive repair mode for heavily sulfated 12 V batteries. Power supply for changing a car battery or powering 12 V devices. Jumpcharge engine starting for dead batteries. Charge 16 V AGM and lithium-ion batteries.

  • 12- 24 V
  • 26 Amp
  • Charge Fully Drained Batteries up to 500 Ah
  • Ultra Compact, Rugged and Portable
  • UltraSafe™ Spark-Proof
  • UltraSafe™ Polarity Protection
  • Zero Overcharge
  • Instantly Jump Starts Most Single-Applications

Part No.: T120016914
OE No.: G26000EU

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