Field services

Trysome’s Field Services Division plays a vital role in customer service, offering technical back up to their customers no matter where they are situated within Southern Africa.

The Company has attracted a great many high-caliber talents, thus enjoying powerful technical strength.

The field service division is manned by skilled, Olifantsfontein-certified technicians, providing on-site repair services to customers, there by assisting them in keeping their downtime to an absolute minimum.

This division boasts a fleet of retrofitted vehicles enabling ‘service on demand’ anywhere in the country. Each vehicle is installed with an inverter for 220V power supply, a fully equipped tool box canopy, bench vice and water tank.

Where there is demand, a ‘man-on-site’ can be assigned to cater specifically to the needs of any given customer. Trysome’s Field Services unit stays ahead of the game with the latest in diagnostic equipment catering for Caterpillar, Hitachi, Bell and Komatsu.

Fitment Division

Trysome has developed the ‘All-in-One’ Collision Avoidance System in response to the mining and construction industry’s request for a safer, more productive and harmonious working environment.

The ‘All-in-One’ CAS transmits visual and audible warnings of impending collisions and dangerous movements in the event of tagged and untagged units entering the designated “At Risk” zones associated with any heavy-mining or construction machinery.

Trysome boasts a team of technicians dedicated to the fitment, programming and maintenance of all elements of the system, including:
  • The Safemine Traffic Awareness System
  • The Q2, High-Resolution, Colour Camera System
  • The Preview Radar System
  • The FLIR Thermal Imaging System
  • Q2 Rearview and Mobile Digital Recording

With more than 50 mines equipped globally, protecting more than 20,000 mining vehicles & operators daily…we are ready to assist you to comply with the new DMR safety legislation!

Reman Workshop

Trysome has a well-equipped, Remanufacturing Centre catering to the remanufacture and repair of rotating electrical equipment – starters, alternators, Prelubs and steering motors. Parts are refurbished to OEM specifications through a full spectrum of meticulous work standards and quality-control disciplines.

Trysome ensures that they have a broad range of Exchange Units available at all times in order to minimise the customer’s downtime. Each Exchange Unit is supplied with a full print out of the testing results.

Trysome has invested over R3 million to ensure that their Reman Workshop is equipped with the latest, state-of-the-art technology – D & V Electronics test benches, regular testers catering to various makes and models of vehicle, electronic rectifier testers and basic testing and assembly equipment.


At Trysome.TMT, our products are often the solution for the industry segments that we serve!

In line with our philosophy – ‘If an off-the-shelf product isn’t perfect for our customer then we either refine it or engineer a new, customised product’ – Trysome identified the need for a dedicated Manufacturing Department.

This department will research, design, prototype, test and finally manufacture new products, in line with industry demand. They will also customise and modify existing products to satisfy the specific needs of each customer.

Each product development or customisation will adhere to proven working practices and strict quality controls.

Instrument Panels, Harnesses, Battery Charging Bays, Battery Packs, Fatigue Warning Systems, CPUs and Audible Park Brake Alarms are just a few of the planned outputs of this department.

Currently we are the only company that manufactures enclosures and harnesses to OEM standard and have been manufacturing control boxes for Sandvik’s Rebuilt Department.

The ConneXion

On the light-duty side, Trysome has recently launched The ConneXion, an auto-electrical services and fitment centre targeted at the end-consumer & commercial sectors.
At The ConneXion we specialise in:
  • Electrical Repairs
  • Problematic Starting
  • Back-up Alarm Systems Fitment & Fault Finding
  • Battery Testing, Fitment & Supply
  • Air Conditioning
  • Product Fitment
  • Headlight & Spot Light Adjustments
  • SAFEmine Installations
  • Mine Spec. Vehicle Fitments