Yes, as long as the lamp has more than one LED chip. However the light output will be reduced. 
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Halogen lamps & bulbs are cheap. Halogen bulbs are also standardised. They have a long service life and the "warm" light colour feels comfortable. They are compact in size compared to HID and are easy to replace. 
Improved visibility due to the "cooler" colour. Compared to the halogen the HID is more energy efficient, has a high light output and wide illumination area. HID bulbs are standardised and emit less heat compated to the halogen. They also have a longer service life than halogen bulbs and are easy to replace. 
They are 85% more energy efficient than other light sources. They are compact and directional providing design flexibility with no wasted light. They are unaffected by switching cycles. Emit a natural colour temperature (daylight) withich is easier on the eyes and results in better, more productive working conditions. Extremly long service life compared to other light sources. They are maintenance free, rugged and environmentally sound. 
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Lamps using switched power supplies actually turn the LED's on and off extremely rapidly (<300Hz) which the human eye can't see, so if your LED is flickering it may be that the LED is designed with a low switching frequency, there may be a fault with the lamp circuity, there may be an intermittent supply connection to the lamp (eg: loose or poorly plugged connector) or the flicker may be "fake" - for example the light may be reflecting from a vibrating shiny surface.

Designed for extremely demanding environments and applications. Commonly used to provide light to working areas close to the a machine to which it is attached. Some are also suitalbe for road and signalling use. Work vehicles operating in the mining, construction, forestry, agricultural, truck & trailer & emergency industries typically have these installed. 
IP means ingress protection or international protection. It classifies the degree of protection provided by an electrical equipment enclosure against intrution of sold objects & liquids. 

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Lumen = Luminous Flux = The complete quantity of light emitted by a source.
Candela = Luminous Intensity = Quantity of light radiated ina particular direction
A Lumen is the unit of measurement of the complete quantity of light emitted by a light source - the luminous flux. Lux is the quantity of luminous flux on a surface. It decreases by the square of the distance (inverse square law) of the surface from the light source.
E(lx) = luminous flux (lm) / area (m2)
Theoretical  lumens aren't achieveable. They are the calculated value of what is possible under absolute ideal conditions. Operational or true lumens take into account any thermal, optical and electrical loss. This is the true representation of lumen output. 
Halogen = ±500 hours
HID (Xenon) = ±5,000 hours
LED = ±50,000 hours

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