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Muirhead Water and Service Truck Systems

Get the most out of your mobile investment!

Attached to mobile equipment, Muirhead® reliably prevents premature failures and unexpected breakdowns, resulting in profitable mining operations.

Backed by exceptional support, service and training, Muirhead® improves operator safety reduces equipment maintenance and repair costs, diminishes downtime and extends plant life.

The Muirhead® range has numerous products available for water and service trucks including:

Water Truck/Service Truck

Over RPM warning: A variety of systems available for the monitoring, alarming and recording of the engine over RPM events.

Hoist controls: Designed for use on later model trucks where the PWM hoist control has been utilised as a pump drive.

Brake controls: Designed to control speed, so engines will run at an optimum rate, reducing the potential for damage or excessive wear.

Water Truck

Water spray controls: A variety of solutions to control the water spray heads. These systems often integrate with other RCT controllers to provide a complete water truck solution.

Automatic throttle controls: These systems incorporate various types of machine interlocks enabling an automatic throttle up control for dispensing water when the truck is stationary.

Road speed limiters: Systems designed to limit the ground speed of site vehicles.

Brake oil over temperature systems: Designed to monitor brake oil temperatures, the system will pre-alarm on near overheat and if temperatures continue to rise it will alarm on overheat.

Service Truck

Throttle and PTO control: These systems incorporate various types of machine interlocks enabling an automatic throttle up control and PTO for lube/fuel dispensing when the truck is parked correctly.

Auto Throttle Controller with PTO
Part No.: T3813
OE No.: APN 3813
Automatic Water Spray Controller
Part No.: T6232
OE No.: APN 6232
Electric Hoist Control Kit to Suit Caterpillar Trucks
Part No.: T0364
OE No.: APN 0364
Electronic Brake Application Kit
Part No.: T11322
OE No.: APN 11322
Engine Over RPM System Latching 24 V
Part No.: T2755
OE No.: APN 2755
Forklift Speed Limiter Controller (Cable Throttle)
Part No.: T10452
OE No.: APN 10452
Multi-Purpose Speed Controller 2 x 0 - 5 V
Part No.: T11094
OE No.: APN 11094
Throttle Limit Timer
Part No.: T10975
OE No.: APN 10975
Variable Spray Controller Auto/Manual Custom Program
Part No.: T10910
OE No.: APN 10910
Vehicle Engine Over RPM System to Suit Electronic Brake Komatsu & Caterpillar Dozers
Part No.: T9914
OE No.: APN 9914
Vehicle Over Speed and Engine Over Speed Kit 24 V
Part No.: T2806
OE No.: APN 2806
Water Spray Timer Pulse to Suit Water Truck
Part No.: T4530
OE No.: APN 4530
Water Spray Timer Variable
Part No.: T2774
OE No.: APN 2774
Water Spray Timer Variable with Automatic/Manual Switching
Part No.: T6232
OE No.: APN 8995

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