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Muirhead Idle Timers

Muirhead Idle Timers
  • Multi-voltage
  • Selectable idle time cycle provides flexibility in shutdown time from 1 – 12 minutes, in 1-minute increments
  • Suitable for Energised To Run (ETR) systems and Energised To Stop (ETS) systems
  • Steering accumulator bleed down output
  • Park brake input
  • Ground-level machine shutdown
  • Universal application
  • Visual warning
  • Integrated mount
  • Simple and easy-to-use
  • Advanced configuration via the Muirhead® Programmable Controller Utility (PCU)
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Energised to run idle timer multi-voltage
Part No.: T11450
OE No.: 11450
Idle timer energise to stop
Part No.: T12534
OE No.: 12534
Idle timer etr with inverted park brake input
Part No.: T12444
OE No.: 12444
Idle timer with start inhibit
Part No.: T12535
OE No.: 12535
Kit idle timer (panel & plug)
Part No.: T11951
OE No.: 11951
Kit idle timer ets
Part No.: T12730
OE No.: 12730
Kit idle timer multi-voltage
Part No.: T11452
OE No.: 11452
Kit idle timer start inhibit
Part No.: T12735
OE No.: 12735
Kit idle timer t/s f-series Volvo loader
Part No.: T12285
OE No.: 12285
Kit idle timer t/s Komatsu machines
Part No.: T12286
OE No.: 12286

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