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Hexagon Tracking Radar

Hexagon Tracking Radar
A dependable object-tracking system that uses radar technology to characterize a potential threat’s position and motion.

Mines are dangerous places. Heavy traffic, large equipment, and poor visibility all create the potential for accidents. Drivers especially are exposed to elevated blind spots and a risk of collisions with infrastructure, personnel, and other vehicles. We integrated HxGN Tracking Radar with HxGN Collision Avoidance System (CAS) to prevent incidents by giving drivers and supervisors all the information they need.

Tracking Radar is an object-tracking system that uses radar technology to characterize a potential threat’s position and motion. Combined with CAS, Tracking Radar uses risk-based algorithms to differentiate between harmless objects and objects which can cause collisions.

Tracking Radar alerts operators with an audible alarm to anything within 30 meters that represents a threat, (untagged personnel, berms, and other vehicles). Operators are notified with true alarms of every potential interaction. Nuisance alarms are minimized and so is the risk of accidents. Safety and productivity are improved. Tracking Radar sensors work in any weather and over a wide temperature range. The product withstands high shock and vibration levels and is designed to be maintenance-free for a long operational lifetime.

Specially shaped radar signal waveforms enable each Tracking Radar sensor to simultaneously measure range, speed, angle, reflectivity, and other parameters of multiple stationary and moving objects. Embedded filter algorithms are implemented directly in the sensors to track all detected objects with lowest possible latency.

Tracking Radar is also integrated with HxGN Vehicle Intervention System (VIS), allowing it to take control of the vehicle if the operator does not react to the visual and audible inputs from the user interface.

Tracking Radar has helped customers to reduce incidents involving obstacles and heavy machinery. In one South African mine, Tracking Radar’s integration with CAS and VIS reduced accidents in critical risk scenarios by 87%.

Mines can rely on Tracking Radar to detect hazards and consolidate other safety notifications in the same display. Expect fewer close interactions with untagged vehicles and infrastructure, and fewer nuisance alarms for operators while driving. Tracking Radar's real-time monitoring, location reporting, and alert status highlights trends for informed decisions.

Tracking Radar is another way that mines can ensure everyone gets home safely!

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