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Hexagon Personal Alert

Hexagon Personal Alert
The first accident-avoidance device worn by personnel using the precision of Time-of-Flight technology, ensuring 360-degree visibility of pedestrians around heavy equipment.

The mining industry demands world-class operational performance, not only in productivity but for safety too. Corporate and governmental safety regulations are increasing the pressure on mines to improve safety for personnel and assets.

HxGN Personal Alert is an accident-avoidance device worn by field personnel that ensures 360-degree visibility of pedestrians around heavy equipment. It’s integrated with HxGN Collision Avoidance System (CAS) and offers an additional layer of safety to operators and pedestrians who must deal with the daily dangers of blind spots, noise, heavy traffic, and poor visibility.

Personal Alert is the first accident-avoidance device worn by field personnel using the reliability and precision of Time-of-Flight technology. Integration with CAS means reduced training, increased operator acceptance, and consolidation into a single user interface so less cabin clutter.

Anyone working around heavy machinery will now be visible using Personal Alert and operators will see anyone within 50 meters of their vehicles. Blind spots are eliminated. In busy, noisy mining environments, personnel wearing a small ergonomic tag will be alerted to vehicles close by. Faced with imminent danger, pedestrians are now empowered to act, regardless of the vehicle operator.

Personal Alert is designed for haul trucks, ADTs, and all other heavy and light machinery in mining operations, where close interactions with humans occur. It tracks all personnel around vehicles at all times and alerts operators and pedestrians, reducing blind spots. The ergonomic wearable tag is light-weight, easy to wear, and has a 16-hour battery life.

Mines can expect fewer close interactions between machinery and personnel, plus reliable personnel detection and notification within long range (>50 m) and high precision (<10 cm). Nuisance alarms for operators and pedestrians are prevented and no alarms sound while the vehicle is stationary. Users can make informed decisions based on trends observed through real-time monitoring of location and pedestrian alerts.

By reducing the number of incidents and by complying with regulations, Personal Alert reduces costs and improves productivity. Most importantly, everyone goes home safely.

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