Trysome has developed strong partnerships with world-renowned brands to bring to market only the highest-quality products. These partnerships include Remy Inc (Delco Remy brand), the world's largest manufacturer of starters, alternators and their components as well as Nordic Lights, manufacturer of a vast range of original equipment and after-market, work-light units used extensively in underground, construction and mining equipment.

On the collision avoidance side Trysome partners with Preco, PreView, Q2 and Swiss-based SAFEmine to make visible all those obstacles in traditional blind spots.

Trysome’s supplier relationships include the following fine brands:


3M bonding products provide solutions to common assembly challenges. Bond virtually any substrate without mechanical fasteners using 3M tapes.

Air Trac

AIRTRAC manufactures a wide range of cooling products for a range of industries.


The Alfatronix voltage converter range is designed to supply power to electronic equipment fitted to vehicles, vessels and aircraft as well as a variety of applications.

Anderson Power Products

Anderson Power Products, is an international leader in high power interconnect solutions.


All Bosch Alternators and Starters are factory tested to ensure years of reliable performance, even under extremes of heat, cold, and high demand.


Calibro offers a selection of mechanical & electrical gauges suitable for most engines.

CE Niehoff

CE Niehoff is a leader in the design and manufacture of heavy-duty, brushless alternators. Their alternators are designed with the most demanding applications in mind to minimise downtime and maximise your operating efficiencies. Models are customised for niche markets with wide-ranging capabilities and a variety of market-specific features.

Click Bond

Click Bond sets the benchmark in high-performance, adhesive-bonded fasteners. Constructed with durable, marine-grade, 316 stainless steel, Click Bond fasteners provide strong, watertight, corrosion-resistant attachments that streamline production, increase safety, and enhance structural integrity by eliminating the need for welding or drilling.

Cole Hersee

Cole Hersee is a manufacturer of electromechanical, electric and digital switches and connectors, designing dependable products for a broad range of vehicles since 1924. 

Control Master

RCT’s ControlMaster® solutions are setting the benchmark for productivity and safety on a global scale; empowering clients to improve efficiencies and effortlessly meet production targets.


CTEK offers battery chargers for car batteries, boat batteries, and motorcycle batteries for professionals as well as consumers.


Get organised with DECKED drawers’ secure, waterproof, segmented storage system.

Delco Remy

Delco Remy’s worldwide facilities produce an extensive range of heavy-duty products for both OE and aftermarket customers. The range includes starters, alternators and components used in a variety of applications including Caterpillar, Cummins, Daewoo, ERF, Fiat, Freightliner, GM, John Deere, Mack, Mercedes, Renault and Volvo. BorgWarner’s acquisition of Remy International brings two leading companies together to deliver even more value to our customers.


DHC is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. DHC designs, produces and specialises in battery & system testing equipment, switching power battery chargers, booster cables, and battery accessories.

Earth Track

The EARTHTRACK Fleet Management system is a highly interoperable solution, designed to empower fleet users with relevant and accurate machine data; enabling them to attain optimal performance of all machines, at all times.


At ECCO, safety is their business. ECCO makes products that care for people, so they can take care of business. ECCO back-up alarms are available in a variety of sizes and compliant specifications. From installation to operation, ECCO products are engineered to perform.


EFS stands by their reputation for manufacturing high-quality 4wd suspension components that can withstand extreme off-road situations. This translates into goods you can rely on, no matter what the issue.


Energizer manufactures and supplies filled, charged and ready-to-use, maintenance-free batteries for both car and commercial vehicle applications. Energizer utilises both CA100 and PowerFrame Grid technologies for more consistent power.


EnerVert is a global brand renowned for its quality range of power supply products and accessories for the light and heavy-duty vehicle market.


Fabbro is a supplier of high-quality starters, alternators and components engineered for performance.


Flösser is a supplier of automotive lighting products. This includes globes for cars, motorcycles, trucks and buses.


Fluke is a world leader in professional, electronic test tools and software for measuring and condition monitoring. Fluke tools are known for portability, safety, ease-of-use, accuracy and rigid standards of quality.

Front Runner

Front Runner is a 13-year-old South African based company founded by a team of engineers, designers, outdoor enthusiasts, and professional off-road drivers.


FTZ connectors are the standard in industrial, energy, marine and heavy-duty commercial applications.


The FuelTrak Fuel Automation System (FAS) is designed to improve fuel management by automating the diesel dispensing process. It can be installed on bulk tanks and fuel bowsers. FuelTrak reads RFID tags installed on vehicles, providing an easy fuel management tool.


The HALO is designed to maximise the vehicle’s own geometry to minimise and evenly distribute the impact forces of a rollover event over the entire vehicle body structure, preventing point loading in any one place.


Hawkins is the leading South African battery charger manufacturer and has since 1961 offered a wide range of general purpose, domestic, leisure, professional and industrial battery charger products.


Hexagon is a compact GPS/RF traffic alert and collision avoidance warning system suitable for all vehicles in open-pit mines. Hexagon products comply with DMR legislation.


The Iconiq brand boasts a wide range of lighting options. These include LED work lights, torches and safety lights.

Iconiq 4x4

Iconiq 4x4 offers an extensive range of vehicle lighting options to suit your more adventurous driving needs.

Iconiq Solar

The Iconiq Solar Traffic Speed Monitoring System is a portable, speed advisory, monitoring system that can be easily set up or moved from location to location to assist in gaining voluntary speed limit compliance.

Iconiq Ultra

Iconiq Ultra provides a selection of premium LED work lights to suit your every need.


IMBU specialises in successfully implementing IoT solutions in challenging environments (off-shore, remote, unmanned, very high and very low temperatures, dust, low connectivity, power requirement issues, etc.).


Indeflate is a device that is used to inflate or deflate two tyres simultaneously and equilise pressure between the two automatically once connected. Locally manufactured in South Africa, Indeflate has been tried and tested to withstand the forces of nature and last the toughest of overlanding excursions.

Jet Stream

Jetstream turbine starters offer many advantages over electric starting which may vary depending on applications and environments. Jetstream is unique in its ability to start at low or high pressures.


Patterns are carefully tailored to ensure the perfect fit for your vehicle’s unique design. The manufacturing is meticulously carried out, together with our professionally tested fabric, ensuring a product that is durable, easy to maintain and is of the highest quality.


Klingspor is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-quality products used for finishing surfaces and cutting-off materials.


Designed and engineered to Swiss precision, the Kraftwerk range of high-quality tools and workshop equipment is now available in South Africa. The range covers equipment for Automotive and Mechanical Professionals, Motorsport Applications, DIY Enthusiasts, and Hobbyists offering excellent quality and great value.

Launch Technologies SA

Launch Technologies SA offers only the best in auto diagnostic, lifting and wheel service equipment.

Lazer Lamps

Since it was founded in 2010, British manufacturer Lazer Lamps Ltd has been at the forefront of LED technology, bringing world-class technology to its customers and, in the process, setting the standard for automotive auxiliary lighting solutions. Combining competition-beating performance with automotive quality standards, Lazer products are recognised as leaders in their field. 


Littelfuse is committed to providing the right solutions to meet all your circuit protection needs.


LucasElectrik produces alternators and starter motors which consist of typical Lucas ranges like A115, A127, M113 (M45) and M127 (M50) starters with the assembly of major components imported from Lucas in the UK.


Lucas-TVS is the leader in auto electrical in India today with 50 years' experience in the design and manufacture of rotating equipment.


Mahle (previously Letrika) is a global manufacturer of starter motors, generators, electric drive systems, mechatronic systems as well as parts of automotive material handling and other industries.


Marauder Adventure Products supply customised replacement bumpers and side runners for the adventure lover.

Mobile Climate Control

Mobile Climate Control develops customised high-performance HVAC systems for vehicles and machinery in the construction, agriculture, forestry, mining, material handling, and utility vehicle industries, making the driest or wettest surroundings and the most extreme hot or cold weather unnoticeable. Their premium products are relied upon to provide a comfortable climate, exceeding customers’ expectations.


Muirhead protection systems are RCT’s foundation products. These devices were designed in close collaboration with the end-user to protect machines from operator abuse and ensure operator safety.


Nikko supplies the original equipment requirements of leading motor, construction and industrial vehicles. This includes oil hydraulic power units and electronic products.


Noco designs and creates premium, consumer battery chargers, jump starters, solar panels, and portable power devices as well as a wide range of related battery products and accessories. Through these world class offerings, NOCO has effectively set the new standard in design, performance, and safety and has introduced an entirely new generation of products.

Nordic Lights

Nordic Lights supplies a wide range of work lights suitable for the mining, construction and transport industries.

Power Start

Powerstart has been synonymous with reliable alternative starting for over three decades. Powerstart hydraulic starters require no electricity and therefore are non-sparking making them ideal for flameproof applications.


Whether you have one piece of heavy-duty equipment or and entire fleet, the Prelub QuickEvac system delivers engine-saving and money-saving technology that can pay for itself in less than 12 months. This system allows technicians to perform oil and filter changes in less than 20 minutes.


Prestolite Electric Inc. manufactures alternators and starter motors used for original equipment and aftermarket applications. Primarily designed for the heavy-duty marketplace.


PreView Collision Avoidance Systems are designed to detect objects in zones obscured from the operators view. The patented pulse timed-domain radar detects stationary as well as moving objects.


ProxyVolt is a state-of-the-art electrostatic power line warning system used for detecting the electrostatic field of any AC high-voltage power line, no matter what the current.


Q2's rear vision camera system is suitable for mining, construction, buses, trucks, container handlers and forklifts. The system supports up to 2 camera inputs and the 7 inch flat screen offers various connection possibilities.

Q2 Smart

Q2Smart provides advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technology and intelligent in-vehicle monitoring devices. Our AI vision solutions enhance in-vehicle security and promote intelligent, safe driving practices.

Q2 Thermal

The Q2 Thermal Night Vision System can detect heat through darkness, is glare free, can operate over a distance of up to 360 m, is weatherproof & meets military standards greatly improving night-time mobility.

Q2 Valu

Q2Valu rear-vision camera systems are ideal for trailers, horseboxes, caravans, snow plows and forklifts. This system will eliminate blind spots and keep those around you safe. 


RAD Bumpers are professionally made from 3 mm mild steel, treated for rust and powdercoated. They are available in black or can be colour coded to your vehicle. The bumpers have been designed with approach and departure angles as well as vehicle protection in mind.


Delivering the most robust mesh technology allowing wireless networks to be fully mobile and mobility-enabled while operating in even the most demanding environments in industrial markets around the world.


REACTON manufactures safety-critical automatic fire suppression systems for a wide range of assets and industries. Reacton achieved the highest score possible in the P-Mark SPCR 199 with a 10/10 rating and a level of openness rating of III (A+). P-Mark according to SPCR 199 has been developed for fire suppression systems in engine compartments of heavy vehicles.


RedDOT produces premium, mobile HVAC units and components, creating responsive solutions by partnering with customers around the globe from custom design to delivery.


Rencool designs and manufactures systems to suit a wide range of applications and specialises in low power, full DC voltage systems that operate without the need for an engine driven compressor. Manufacturer of anti-idle solutions for the mining industry and heavy construction sectors.


Always a good connection - RENNSTEIG has been making professional tools for any job since 1959. Using new technologies, innovative processes and the highest quality materials, Rennsteig builds cable cutting, stripping and crimping tools, striking tools, shank chisels and a wide variety of other tools.


SABER OFFROAD produces recovery gear that is safer, smarter and stronger. SABER OFFROAD was born to stand out from the crowd and make the best off-road recovery products available. The SABER OFFROAD range delivers superior quality, value for money, user-friendliness and, above all, safety.

Safety Solutions

Safety Solutions, helps increase safety across the whole automotive value chain. This range includes safety belts, lock-out kits and strobe lights.

Saftey Solutions MicroFire

The SAFETY SOLUTIONS MicroFire Electrical Shutdown System is a personnel and asset safety-driven initiative which protects all of your key assets from electrical fires and assists any fire-suppression system in minimising the damage in case of a mechanical fire by shutting down the machine completely.  

Simple Solders

Simple Solders’ connectors are a revolutionary new wiring connection system for cable connections and end terminations. The best electronics equipment becomes useless if not connected properly. Simple Solders provides a high-quality, sealed solder connection that takes the guesswork out of soldering.


RCT’s Fleet Management systems deliver relevant, accurate machine data to ensure all machines operate at peak performance.

Data can be accessed via any smart device; anytime, anywhere!


Leading manufacturer of high-end coolers and fridge/freezers ideal for commercial, home and camping. Built to Last!

Star Warning Systems

Star Warning Systems is one of the premier suppliers of LED beacon lights and strobe lights. Star Warning lights are all about bringing attention and caution to a particular situation.


Steinbauer Power Enhancement modules for turbo (diesel and petrol) engines.


Sy-Klone OPTIMAX® is more effective at removing mixed and extreme debris than any other pre cleaner in the world. Sy-Klone Respa, the advanced Cab Air Quality System, delivers a POWERED PRECLEANER/FILTER/PRESSURISER in one compact, customisable unit!


TAKLA Products specialises in high-quality 4x4 accessories. TAKLA designs and develops their own range of military grade fabrics and puts them to work as durable and stylish car coverings.

TE Connectivity

TE Connectivity's Deutsch offer unrivalled expertise in the design and manufacture of electrical connectors and fibre optic connectors, specialised electronics and associated components.


T-Flex is a brand of high-quality, insulated and non-insulated cable terminals, disconnects, splices, wire joints, and ferrules.


TJM has been empowering adventures into the unknown since 1973. Started by three mates who took the initiative and built the gear they needed to explore off-road, today TJM continues to relentlessly innovate 4x4 accessories so you can go further than ever before.


Trail-Link is a manufacturer and supplier of trailer connectors and accessories. Trail-Link’s mission is to offer solutions for all electrical connector requirements.


TrylecHD Maintenance-Free Batteries help avoid unnecessary downtime. Install and forget.


TrylecHD offers a broad range of starters & alternators for use in cars, trucks, buses, agricultural & construction vehicles.

Tyre Sense

TyreSense is a tyre pressure and temperature monitoring system (TPMS) designed for mining or industrial operations of all sizes, with customisable kits for each industry. Their comprehensive range makes it easy to manage every aspect of tyre monitoring across your entire site, from third-party fleet management to integration and bluetooth compatibility, to advanced event monitoring and colour-coded operator alerts.


UNI-T - (Uni-Trend Group Limited) is one of the leading testing meters and instruments companies in Asia. The group has developed and manufactured the most creative, reliable, high quality and safe-to-use technology products and provide a wide range of products and related services to the global markets.


VDO is a leading international supplier of automotive electronics & mechatronics.


VEI provides the best on-board weighing solutions in different industries based on the knowledge they have acquired listening to customers.

Victron Energy

Victron Energy is well known for its professional products for independent electric power management.


VINI-TAPE® is the world's leading electrical insulating tape offering superior holding power, long term storage stability, is eco-friendly and heat resistant.


Industry standards state that each ungrounded terminal & stud that is continuously energised must have a boot, nipple, cap, cover, or shield that prevents accidental short-circuiting at the terminals or studs. VTE terminal insulators are a safe, cost-effective way to adhere to these standards.


As a leading parts manufacturer, sourcing, and distribution/ logistics company, WAI offers its aftermarket customers ready access to an extensive range of products including new alternators, starters, and their components.


Walz Scale is a leading global supplier and service-support provider of heavy-duty truck scales and precision weighing systems for use in transportation, agriculture, chemical, laboratory, aggregate, waste, recycling and mining applications. For nearly half a century, Walz Scale has been providing the highest level of weighing products and local support to their customers.


When the dust clears, WARN is still the leader. Rediscover the fun of off-roading. All with the confidence that you can do more than ever before, because you’re backed by reliable WARN off-road products.


Woodward is a leading supplier of solenoids, solenoid accessories, solenoid shutdown kits, electronic speed switches, speed sensors, apec basic & controllers, apec proportional actuators, apec actuator kits and apec actuator accessories.