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Sy-klone Respa®-CFX2 Cab Air Quality System

The Hidden Impact of Recirculation Filtration

Most recirculation filters are panel filters, which are prone to seal leakage which allows air to bypass the filter, are not effective at removing particulate at sizes that are harmful to human respiration, and provide little or no protection for your expensive HVAC components and cab electronics.

The revolutionary design of RESPA-CFX2 allows it to do what other recirculation filters cannot.

High-Efficiency Recirculation Filtration and Pressurization

RESPA-CFX2, the second component of a complete cab air quality system, provides powered, high-efficiency recirculation filtration with your choice of included MERV 16/F9 or HEPA/H13/ISO35H filter in standard and extended lengths.

  • Protects the operator by reducing respirable contaminants that can be re-entrained into the airflow
  • Improves operator comfort by allowing HVAC to operate efficiently
  • Reduces dust accumulation, protecting expensive HVAC and electronics
  • In almost all cases, exposure reduced below PEL, facilitating regulatory compliance
  • 100% seal integrity eliminates filter bypass
  • Interchangeable filtration options
  • Durable, compact, and customisable

Why High-Efficiency Recirculation Filtration is Important

The majority of the airflow in the cab is provided by the recirculation system. Fresh air precleaning and filtration is just the first step. Harmful particulate is also entering the cab airflow through other methods:
  • The door or window is opened
  • Operator enters with dust on clothing and boots
  • Dust built up in upholstery puffs out as operator moves on the seat
  • Operator movements disturb dust that has settled in the cab

Part No.: T3700152305
OE No.: RCF2086

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