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Safety Solutions MicoFire Protection Electrical Shutdown System

Safety Solutions MicoFire Protection Electrical Shutdown System
Protect Human & Mobile Machinery Assets from the Ravages of Fire

The use of electrical equipment is essential to the productivity of every mining operation. But, where there is a heat source there is always the potential for fire, a huge and devastating hazard to both operators and equipment.

The Safety Solutions MicroFire Protection System is a personnel and asset safety-driven initiative which protects all of your key assets from electrical fires and assists any re-suppression system in minimising the damage in case of a mechanical fire by shutting down the machine completely.

The system acts as an early-warning alert for operators and mine managers of a pending fire due to an electrical short.

How it Works

The MicroFire Protection System is triggered either by the re-suppression system or an electrical short. Each system is set up against customised, pre-set parameters defined by the customer.

MicroFire Protection will monitor the current being drawn from the machine and if the system current is higher than the parameter settings the system will send out a visual and audible alert. The operator is warned, via the in-cab display, and any number of predefined individuals will receive an alert via the Telegram communication portal. These alerts will identify the error type i.e. over-current or mechanical. A pre-set timer will begin the countdown to a complete, fail-to-safe vehicle shutdown, giving the operator enough time to pull the vehicle over and evacuate safely and without recurrent incident.

The MicroFire Protection System will switch off all current supplied from the battery, minimising equipment damage, and stay locked-out until an investigation has been done and any threat has been neutralised.

The system intelligently logs a history of all DC parameters for further analysis.

Features & Benefits

  • In-cab display with built-in, 3-line LCD screen for easy viewing
  • The in-cab display will show voltage, amperage and the RFID
  • The RFID on the in-cab display will flash red when error occurs to alert the operator
  • Diverse power monitoring functions (V, A, KWh)
  • Onboard data logging provides historical logging of all DC metering parameters for analysis
  • When system activates it immediately sends sms’s via Telegram.
  • Customisable parameter settings for alerts and notifications
  • Password-protected parameter settings
  • Resetting of the system limited to authorised personnel only (Card Reader)
  • Assist in preventing an electrical fire by neutralising power from the battery before it starts burning, minimising damage to the equipment
  • Shut-off timer, that will be adjustable to the customer’s needs, to ensure that the operator exits the equipment safely
  • Dual fire prevention on electrical wiring as it works in conjunction with the existing fire-suppression system
  • Detects over-current on main supply and gives out a warning which automatically cuts off the machine
  • Telemetric data dashboard feeds visuals of machine location, voltage, amperage, KWh, time of error and type of error - overcurrent or mechanical. Audible error alerts are also sent to dashboard
  • Live streaming from dashboard to check the status (V, A, Kwh), position of the machine within the operation (GPS coordinates) ,time of error and flash red when an alarm occurs showing either over current or mechanical fire alarm
  • Fully-automatic system with no human intervention required
  • No cutting of OEM wiring
  • System can be tailored for all makes and models of machines

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