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Q2Thermal Infrared Thermal Night Vision System

The infrared thermal imaging automobile driving assistant system was developed from the night-vision device on a tank. In the 1950s, to improve the night-time mobility of a tank, equipment with night-vision capacity was installed on the tank to make the tank move freely at night. The infrared thermal imaging automobile driving assistant system has an infrared detection capacity which instantly detects animals & pedestrians and can sense infrared rays out of the range of human vision. Initially due to high costs, it was mainly used for military applications such as tanks, armoured carriers and radar vehicles. However, with the scientific and technological progress, market popularity and lower price, the vehicle-mounted infrared night-vision system is now more accessible to the general public.

  • Detects pedestrians and vehicles through the glare of oncoming headlights
  • Detects hazards at a distance four times farther than headlights
  • Detects the sides of the road with wide-angle view
  • Camera is able to see through dust and smoke
  • Driver has more time to react
  • Avoid accidents and stay safe
  • Detects heat through the darkness: The infrared thermal imaging automobile driving assistant system can, under all weather conditions, automatically identify and foresee non-luminous heated objects such as a person walking, a person on a bicycle, a vehicle, or an animal. It can help the driver better understand the overall road conditions by displaying them beyond the scope of the headlight light beam, effectively improving the visual effect in case of insufficient light.
  • Glare-free: The light beam from an on-coming vehicle’s headlights does not affect the infrared imaging.
  • Long detection distance: The operating distance of the infrared thermal imaging automobile driving assistant system can be up to 1.6 km
  • All-weather use: The infrared thermal imaging automobile driving assistant system adapts to all kinds of bad weather (rain, fog, haze, sand, dust, etc.)
  • Meets military quality standards
Artificial Intelligence Identity System
  • Instantly detects animals & pedestrians
  • Recognition at various distances
  • Obstruction detection and tracking
  • Smart image enhancement
  • Audio alert
Download the Product Brochure for full Technical Parameters
Part No.: TBA
OE No.: IR 313

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